Angel Delight Catering & Tea Room - Treat Yourself to a Taste of Heaven!
MEALS TO GO - Call for special of the day.
Specializing in dietary needs for each customer.

Home-made and delicious Meals To Go from Individual to Family Size are available for quick pick up in the refrigerator and freezer cases. Desserts, cookies and cupcakes complete your meal.  In addition, a daily hot buffet awaits you where you can quickly pick up lunch to dine in the tea room or enjoy the outdoor patio garden. Call ahead for your favorite sandwich, specialty salad or soup of the day. 

See Daily Menus at Angel Delight Enid Facebook.

Hours (Mid-March 2014 Lunch and Afternoon Dessert and Tea):
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday      Noon - 6PM
Available any day or any time by appointment
for planning, private dining or "Meals To Go".

  Perfect for:
    *Moms & Dads on the go      *Traveling Business Personnel
    *Assisted Living Residents    *Neighbors in Need
    *New Moms & Out Patients   *Weekend Hunting Trips
    *Student Lunch Boxes           *Vacations & Field Trips
              **FAMILY DINNERS AT HOME!!**

Let Retha help you with your special dietary needs.

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